Domaine Chambord
Domaine Chambord is located on the south shores of Moe’s River, in a small village by the same name, part of the municipality of Compton, in the Eastern Townships.

The name “Chambord” was primarily chosen because of the fact that most of its letters can be found in both our names Kathy Chapdelaine and David Lord (owners). Furthermore, it is the name of Louis XIV’s beautiful castle located in Chambord, France, birthplace of my ancestors.

While visiting our website, you will find that it is home to llamas, cashmere goats, registered Jacob and Shetland sheep, and many other animals. Both our love for animals and passion for fiber are the reasons why we raise these beautiful creatures. We harvest their fiber and transform it into beautiful products. Natural fibers are the ultimate because of their insulating properties, wear, comfort, and they are also ecological.

Welcome and enjoy your visit!

Kathy Chapdelaine & David Lord

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187 Hyatt's Mills Road, Compton, QC
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